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The is Numeral #9 Apartments
About #9 Apartments

Hashtag Nine (#9) offers a unique one-of-a-kind luxurious experience for people seeking premium hospitality in the oil rich city of Delta state. Our hotel is a 8 rooms en-suite and a spar located in No.9 Onyeka Mbanefo, off DSS road, Asaba GRA, Delta catering to businesses and leisure individuals in search of personalized and luxury accommodations in a safe and secure atmosphere.

In #9, the rooms are uniquely designed with elegant state of the art furnishings, high-quality beddings, and modern technology to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for our guests.


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Company Goals
Our short-term goals are, but not limited to:
 Expanding beyond Delta to Lagos and Abuja.
 Becoming a recognized name in the hotel and luxury space.
 Achieving longevity whilst catering for thousands of guests.
In the Long-term, we intend to solidify our business imprints in Nigeria and collaborate with major travel agencies and organizations in providing luxury accommodation for guests in
and out of Nigeria.

Philosophy and Vision
In #9, our driving philosophy remains
a. Excellent service delivery and
b. Exceptional customer service
This is evident in our daily strive to be a fore-runner for high-end, luxury accommodation in Nigeria and beyond.

Target Market
Our targets are working-class and stable-income individuals, expatriates, businesses, and anyone with an appetite for luxury accommodation.

There exists a constant growing need for luxury accommodation by various individuals in Asaba Nigeria, for short and long stays. Individuals and businesses seek for luxury spaces which can provide comfortable stay and excellent service to them. This is the gap #9 aims to fill.