- July 5, 2023
Our Services

Our services include:
 24/7 reception- our reception is open 24/7 to provide assistance to our guests whenever and however they need it.
 Housekeeping service- our house-keeping ensures that our guests rooms are clean and well- maintained throughout the duration of their stay.
 Restaurant and buffet service- Our guests will enjoy a variety of delicious local and intercontinental cuisine from our daily buffet or dine-in restaurant.
 Room service- our room service also enables guests to order their favorite meals or drinks to their rooms for added convenience.
 Laundry service- with our laundry service, guests will have access to clean, well-washed and ironed laundry clothing throughout their stay.
 Body spa/grooming space- our body spa provides guests with the opportunity to relax their nerves in a full body massage session, do their facials and even a manicure or pedicure session.

Our Unique Selling Proposition:
Without compromising on quality and breaking the bank, our hotel offers a unique and luxurious experience for people seeking premium hospitality in the city. We stand out from our competition through our exceptional service, tasty meals, elegant furnishings, high quality beddings, and modern technology. Guests are assured of a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and an exceptional staff that pays attention to detail.


Risks and Liabilities
Despite our best efforts, like other businesses operating in the Nigerian hospitality industry, there is always a risk of liabilities which could include; misunderstandings or miscommunication with guests regarding reservations, booking services etc, theft or damage to guests personal property, accidents or injuries within the property.

Why Should I use #9?
Apart from our personalized (one-on-one) relationship to our guests, our commitments to sustainable and quality service makes us a perfect choice for guests who are seeking luxury accommodation, and our choice location in Asaba provides guests with easy access to local attractions, transportations and other services.


Monitoring and Analysis
We will continually monitor and analyze our marketing results to identify areas of improvements and make adjustments accordingly. Also, booking metrics from our distribution channels will be tracked as well as guest feedback and other metrics as our guests comfort is the first priority.


Another key point is that we are a boutique hotel, located in a highly secured part of Asaba GRA in close proximity to city attractions and fun places. #9 is a luxury residence and home away from home.